Coldilocks, the Oldest Captive Polar Bear in the U.S., Dies at 37

Coldilocks, polar bear
Coldilocks playing with a container at the Philadelphia Zoo in 2008. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The oldest captive polar bear in the U.S. has died.

The Philadelphia Zoo on Tuesday said that the 37-year-old Coldilocks has been euthanized following a serious decline in her health.

The zoo said Coldilocks had a variety of age related medical issues and showed worsening changes in her behavior and appetite before her death. They also said the bear far surpassed the roughly 23-year lifespan of a typical polar bear.

Coldilocks was born Dec. 13, 1980, at Seneca Park Zoo in New York and arrived at the Philadelphia Zoo about a year later.