Yeshivah Graduates Honored at Annual Boro Park JCC Breakfast

Ten yeshivah graduates were honored Sunday at the annual Boro Park JCC breakfast for their contributions to the community and country. Flanked by state Sen. Simcha Felder and Councilman Kalman Yeger on the left and Menachem Lubinsky and Yiddel Perlstein on the right — the honorees are (L-R): Yochonon Donn of Hamodia, Sender Rapaport of Masbia, accountant Shulem Roth of Roth & Co., Meny Hoffman of PTEX Group, Jake Turx of Ami, Prof. Menachem Kiwak of Touro College, Legislator Aron Weider of Rockland County, Mordechai Meisels of Encore-Hadran and computer programmer Josef Stein.