Art Institute of Chicago Acquires Modern Art Piece

bottle rack, duchamp, chicago
“Bottle Rack,” displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune via AP)

The Art Institute of Chicago has beat out other top museums and acquired a multimillion dollar 1914 modern art piece.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Bottle Rack by conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp has been on display since Tuesday. It was acquired from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

Art Institute Director Eloise W. Martin and President James Rondeau say the piece “is among the most pivotal, landmark works in Marcel Duchamp’s profoundly influential body of work.”

bottle rack, duchamp, chicago
The signature of conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp to the artist Robert Rauschenberg, inside “Bottle Rack.” (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune via AP)

Ann Goldstein is the deputy director and chair of the modern art department. She says Duchamp’s work revolutionized the way we think about what a piece of art is, how it’s made and the ways it’s displayed.

Duchamp’s piece is on display at the Modern Wing gallery across from the 1914 sculpture Horse by his brother Raymond Duchamp-Villon.