Numbers Show Israelis Like Place of Work, Mostly

Central Tel Aviv. (Maor X)

The large majority of Israelis like where they work, according to a poll by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The poll shows that 87 percent of Israeli employees were satisfied with their place of work, with 96 percent saying that their managers respected them, and 86 percent saying that managers assist them in a positive way to be more productive. That assistance is a key factor in job satisfaction; 90 percent of employees who worked in a positive environment said they were happy with their place of work.

Sixty five percent of Israeli workers have a male manager, while a third have a female one. But most men – 83 percent – have a male boss, while only 14 percent have a female one. Among women, 46 percent have a male manager, and 52 percent a female one. Among chareidi workers, 55 percent answered to a male boss, and 42 percent to a female one. Among Arabs, 83 percent answered to a male manager, and 15 percent to a female one.

The poll further showed that most Israelis get to work by car. 62 percent of men and 54 percent of women drive to work, while 18 percent of men and 28 percent of women get to the office by public transportation (bus or train). Of those who don’t drive or take the bus, 12 percent of workers went to work on transportation provided by their employer, and 4 percent walked or rode a bike.

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