Wife of Likud MK Yehuda Glick Passes Away


Mrs. Yaffa Glick, a”h, the wife of Likud MK Yehuda Glick, passed away Monday morning, the Glick family said. Yaffa Glick was 51, and was a mother of eight. Details on the levayah will be released later Monday, the family said.

Mrs. Glick was ill in recent months, suffering from a number of diseases, and has been in a coma for some six months. Her husband found her passed out on the floor of their home in the Chevron Hills community of Otniel after he returned from the mikveh on a Friday afternoon. The attack was determined to be a stroke, and Mrs. Glick suffered substantial brain damage, doctors said.

The petirah of Mrs. Glick is a family tragedy – but it also has political implications. MK Glick will now be taking care of the levayah and sitting shivah, meaning that he won’t be available for Knesset votes – and that includes the Supermarkets Bill, which is likely to come up for a Knesset vote late Monday or Tuesday.

Usually, it is customary for the opposition to hold back one of its votes to “compensate” for a lost vote of the coalition in order not to take advantage of the personal misfortune of MKs who are forced to be absent for Knesset votes due to no fault of their own, but that will not be the case this time.

Zionist Camp MK Yoel Hasson said that while the opposition sympathizes with MK Glick’s situation, it will not hold back a vote in what is expected to be a very close legislative contest. “We lived for 70 years in this country without this law, and there is no emergency to pass it right now,” he said. “If the coalition wants, it can postpone the vote, but we will not be deducting one of our votes to make up for MK Glick’s lost vote.”