Hamodia Roundtable Sunday: Bitcoin, the Tax Code and You


The largest tax code overhaul in a generation that was signed into law by President Donald Trump last Friday reaches into every pocket and corporate boardroom. But how does it affect you personally?

Hamodia is hosting a roundtable in Boro Park on Sunday by tax experts and accountants to help you find out. The special financial seminar will take place at the Anshe Sfard Simcha Hall on 1370-45th Street. The two-hour event begins at 2 p.m. and concludes with Minchah at 4 o’clock.

Aside for a discussion on the practical applications of the tax law, there will be a special presentation about Bitcoin, the virtual currency that recently exploded onto the markets.

There will be five presenters. Talking about the tax code will be Abraham Roth, the co-managing partner at Roth & Co., along with two of his accountants — Yosef Z. Klein, a senior manager, and Shulem Rosenbaum, who is also a professor of accounting at Touro College.

Explaining the obscure background and future potential of bitcoin will be the other two presenters. These are Naftali Horowitz, a managing director of J.P. Morgan, and Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg, an internationally renowned speaker and marketing strategist, as well as a Hamodia columnist.

As space is limited, make sure to reserve your seat by emailing taxbill@hamodia.com. or by calling calling 718-305-5298 and leaving your message. If you have questions you would like addressed at this event, please submit them in advance of the event.