Remand Extended for Soldier-Attacking Temimis

Yerushalayim -
Arabs riot at the Kalandiya checkpoint. (Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

IDF soldiers faced off overnight Monday with Arab rioters in the Al-Aida refugee camp, south of Yerushalayim. The IDF said that rioters threw blocks and stones at soldiers, who were on a security mission in the area. Three rioters were arrested, the army said.

Also overnight Monday, IDF soldiers and Shabak agents shut down a workshop for the manufacture of arms near Jenin. The workshop produced dozens of weapons a year, and included several large metal cutting machines, along with dozens of weapons in various stages of manufacture. Soldiers confiscated the equipment and weapons, and made several arrests.

On Monday, a military court extended the remand of Ahad Temimi, along with that of her mother and sister, by three days. The three have been in custody for a week on charges of rioting, incitement, attacking an army officer, assault, and other crimes, after Temimi and her sister slapped and kicked an IDF soldier a week and a half ago. Their mother was arrested for encouraging the attack, and for incitement based on her comments in interviews after the incident was publicized

Their attorney, Gabi Lasky, protested the extension of her clients’ remand. “It appears that the purpose of their remaining in prison is to punish my clients, not because the investigation is not complete. The punishment is being imposed because of the video footage. The fact that a 16-year-old has brought images of the occupation to everyone, after years of it being ignored, was a major reason for the arrests in the first place. The court should have set aside its sentiments, and ruled that the Temimis could be released while the investigation continued,” she said.