Court Intervenes to Stop Teachers Strike


The teachers strike set to shut down public schools across Israel on Wednesday has been cancelled following an injunction granted by the Tel Aviv labor court, on Tuesday evening.

The court intervened after a hearing involving the Teachers Union and the Education Ministry, which asked for the injunction to prevent the strike in a dispute over how sick days are handled.

The judge came down hard on the teachers, according to media reports, saying that “calling a strike at this stage of the dispute was too hasty, to put it mildly.”

“Sick days have been counted like this for 30 years, and the demand for a change was only made 4 days ago.“

The union has been demanding an end to what it claims is the Ministry policy of counting each day that a teacher calls in sick as 1.4 days away from work.

The strike was expected to force closure of kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools.