Greenfield Thanks Ohel at Chanukah Party


Hundreds of families from across New York City gathered in Boro Park last Wednesday to celebrate at the annual Chanukah party thrown by OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Attendees enjoyed food and entertainment at the event Ohel used to thank outgoing Councilman David Greenfield for securing funding for their new Flatbush campus.

Ohel co-president Moishe Hellman called Greenfield “a leader who is known for making a kiddush Hashem. That’s why I call him Mr. Kiddush Hashem.”

Greenfield made a brief speech saluting thanking Ohel staff.

“I couldn’t miss a wonderful event like this, put on specifically for the enjoyment of families, by a group that does such wonderful work throughout New York,” Greenfield said.