Border Guards Nab Would-Be Suicide Bomber

Israeli border police officers. (STR/Flash90)

B’chasdei Shamayim, Border Guards on Sunday prevented a suicide bombing attack at the Shomron Military Court, located near Jenin. Guards at the entrance to the court building stopped and questioned an Arab who was behaving suspiciously, and was found to be carrying a pipe bomb.

The pipe bomb. (IDF Spokesman)

The Arab had been wearing a long wintercoat, deemed inappropriate for the pleasant weather in the area Sunday morning. Security officers surrounded the Arab and had him take off the coat, under which a pipe bomb was discovered. A further search of the Arab revealed that he was carrying a second bomb, as well as a lighter with which he planned to set off the bombs, and a knife.

The terrorist was a 17-year-old resident of Jenin. He was taken into custody for questioning. There were no injuries in the incident. In a statement, Border Guards said that “it is clear that the awareness of officers prevented what could have been a major terror attack.”

In a separate incident, IDF soldiers arrested 15 Palestinian Authority Arabs who were trying to enter Israel illegally. The Arabs were caught trying to climb over the security fence in the Jenin area, with the the use of a ladder. All 15 were arrested and sent back to PA-controlled areas.