Regional Briefs – December 10, 2017

Judge Accused of Texting Prosecutors Advice in Case

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. – A judge recused herself from a case after prosecutors revealed she had texted advice to them, Newsday reported. Suffolk Judge Janine Barbera-Dalli called the defendant a “trafficker” and suggested a legal strategy. The administrative judge is looking into the allegations.

Police Hail Woman Who Saved 3 Boys From Fire

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – Police are hailing a car dealership employee who saw smoke coming from a home on Friday and rushed in to rescue three brothers, 8, 10 and 12 years old, The Associated Press reported. Suzanne Reynolds said the boys’ mother was expected momentarily and they “had no idea that the house was on fire.”

Video Shows Police Officer Kicking Handcuffed Suspect

SALEM, N.J. – A dashcam released Thursday showing an officer kicking a handcuffed burglary suspect in the head led to the arrest of Penns Grove Officer George Manganaro. He is suspended for beating Xaviel Ramos, 22, last month, NJ Advance Media reported.

Panic Attack Causes Brief Closing of Holland Tunnel

JERSEY CITY – A woman having a panic attack in the Holland Tunnel Thursday led to its brief shutdown, The Jersey Journal reported. The woman, 31, got out of her vehicle and ran on the catwalk toward the exit. She was evaluated by emergency medical services.

Police Dashcam Catches Meteor Streaking Through Sky

MAYS LANDING, N.J. – A police dashcam captured footage of a rare meteor streaking across the sky, reported. Sgt. Michael Virga was on patrol at 3 a.m. last Sunday when a fireball “lit up the entire sky like a lime green streak.”

Cop Tows Car of Amputee, Leaves Him on the Road

BAYONNE, N.J. – A man with part of his foot amputated filed a complaint Thursday against a Bayonne police officer who had his car towed and left him on the side of the road, The Jersey Journal reported. Kieran Walsh’s, 59, registration was expired. It took him 45 minutes to walk home.