Son of Late Detroit Mayor Young to Run for Conyers’ Seat

Conyers, Coleman Young
Michigan state Sen. Coleman Young II (AP Photo/David Eggert, File)

The son of a former Detroit mayor plans to run for the 13th Congressional District seat vacated by John Conyers, who retired Tuesday following allegations of improper conduct.

Spokesman Adolph Mongo says state Sen. Coleman Young II will announce his candidacy Monday. Mongo says Young would run in the scheduled Democratic primary and a special election if Gov. Rick Snyder calls one.

Young’s father was the late Mayor Coleman A. Young.

Democratic state Sen. Ian Conyers, a grandson of John Conyers’ brother, also plans to run.

The 88-year-old John Conyers first was elected in 1964. He endorsed his son, John Conyers III, during Wednesday’s retirement announcement.