Security Forces Arrest 20 Suspects in Migdalim Lynch Incident

lynching Israel
The young hikers with security personnel following the attempted lynching last Thursday.

In a joint operation, IDF soldiers, Shin Bet agents and Israel police officers raided the village of Kusra overnight Wednesday, arresting 20 individuals involved in last week’s attempted lynching of nearly two dozen Israeli children near the Shomron region town of Migdalim. The detainees were arrested on charges of attempted murder, incitement, rioting and terror.

In the incident last Thursday, a group of nearly two dozen children on a hike were savagely attacked by dozens of Arab rioters. The incident occurred near the town of Migdalim, outside Shechem, about a kilometer away from the Arab village of Kusra. The Israeli group was attacked by a large gang of Arab rioters, who threw stones and bricks at the children. Witnesses said that three of the children were injured. The children eventually hid in a cave in order to escape the attack.

During the rioting, a security guard who was accompanying the group shot in the air to ward off the rioters. A 48-year-old Arab was hit by the bullets, later dying of his wounds. Arabs were able to reach another security guard, pummeling him with rocks and stealing his weapon. The group called for police and army assistance, and the latter arrived after several minutes and broke up the riot. The children were eventually evacuated from the area on an IDF bus.

A report on Channel 10 said that Arabs in Kusra had issued a “death warrant” for the Israeli who shot the Arab in last week’s attempted lynch. The threat was issued on social media, in Arabic, and includes a photo of the Israeli shooter. The shooter’s family has instructed its attorney to demand that the social media site remove the post, citing a clear and present danger that could lead to murder.

Arabs rioted and attacked a second Jewish group a few days after the attempted lynching. Israeli protesters at the site of the previous incident were set upon by Arabs, who again attacked the Israelis with rocks and stones. Witnesses, backed by video footage, said that rioters had attempted to roll a huge stone off a cliff onto the heads of Israelis. B’chasdei Shamayim, no Israelis were hurt in the attack. The incident occurred during a protest march organized by the Otzma Yehudit group, who were demanding more IDF action to protect Israelis in the area. IDF soldiers later arrived at the scene and broke up the riot, declaring the area a closed military zone.