Business Briefs – December 3, 2017

Postal Regulators Move to Let Stamp Prices Jump Higher

WASHINGTON (AP) – Seeking to bolster the ailing U.S. Postal Service, federal regulators are moving to allow bigger jumps to stamp prices beyond the rate of inflation. That could eventually add millions more dollars to companies’ shipping rates and consumer costs. The Postal Regulatory Commission has announced the decision as part of a much-anticipated, 10-year review of the Postal Service’s stamp rates.

Macy’s Plans to Hire 7,000 Extra Seasonal Workers

NEW YORK (AP) – Macy’s is hiring an extra 7,000 seasonal associates this year-end shopping season, saying traffic in its department stores nationwide has been high. The company said Friday that the hires will work on the sales floor and also fulfill online, pick-up-in-store orders and do other operational jobs. Most of the jobs are part-time. That is in addition to the 80,000 temporary workers Macy’s said it expected to hire early in the fall.

U.S. World’s Biggest Supplier Of Heavy Oil Refining Byproduct

NEW DELHI (AP) – The U.S. is supplying vast quantities of a dirty fuel waste that Indian environmental advocates say is contributing to their country’s air pollution. U.S. refineries are the largest producers of petroleum coke, a byproduct of refining Canadian tar sands crude and other heavy oils. Petcoke is popular in India’s power plants and factories because it’s cheaper and burns hotter than coal.