Israelis Dealing With Major ‘Krembo’ Shortage

Krembos on the production line. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Where did all the “Krembos” go? That is a question thousands of Israelis who enjoy the sugary, cream-filled chocolate shell-covered candy puffs have been asking, as the product they seek has mysteriously disappeared from store shelves, Channel Two News reported.

Major Krembo makers said they are working “day and night” to ensure a full supply, but so far they have fallen short of meeting demand, the report says.

Krembos generally appear in the cooler winter months, seen by many as a substitute for ice cream – and November is usually a big month for Krembo sales. While companies that make the treat – Strauss Ice Creams and Feldman Ice Creams are the biggest producers – said that they have been producing the amount that is usually in demand, and even a bit more, the demand this year is significantly higher than in the past, and thus a shortage has developed. In interviews with Channel Two News, both consumers and shopkeepers said that it was not clear why there was such a demand this year.

In a statement, Strauss Ice Creams said that “as every year during the winter months, Israelis snatch up Krembos, with demand growing annually. We are doing our best to meet demand, and we are producing hundreds of thousands of Krembos daily. We will continue to work around the clock to sweeten the winter months for the many Krembo fans across Israel.”

Feldman Ice Creams said that it was “happily following the increased demand in the market for our product, compared to last year. We have increased production, and we have learned that many consumers prefer Feldman Krembos because of their superior taste.

Annual Krembo demand in Israel each year is for some 50 million individually wrapped units, and the average Israeli eats 10 Krembos each season,” the company said.