Five-Year-Old Caught Smuggling Cellphones to Terrorist Father


The five-year-old son of an imprisoned terrorist was caught attempting to smuggle SIM cards and cell phones to his father during a family visit on Wednesday, according to media reports.

Guards at Ktziot Prison in the Negev noticed the boy moving suspiciously. A search revealed that he was carrying ten small, homemade cell phones and three SIM cards concealed under his clothing.

Normally, a glass partition divides the prisoner and his visitors. However, families are sometimes permitted to meet away from the partition for a few minutes as a humanitarian gesture. It was during those few minutes, taking advantage of the humanitarian gesture, that the prisoner hoped to receive the contraband from his son.

The prisoner, a resident of the village of Yatta, is serving 12 years in prison for plotting to manufacture explosives and carry out terror attacks. He was isolated and an investigation opened.

Last month, indictments were filed against five people who tried to smuggle cell phones, chargers, earphones, and other items to a jailed terrorist.

In another security incident on Wednesday, a rock was thrown at a car traveling between the Tishbi and Haamakim Junctions in northern Israel near Haifa, breaking the car’s windshield, Arutz Sheva reported.

The driver of the vehicle said it was clear the stone was thrown intentionally.

“I was travelling near a bridge under construction. The rock was thrown from a distance. There were no trucks or cars near me, and it’s clear that it was an intentional act.”

“There is no doubt it is a miracle we were not harmed.”

On Tuesday, Arabs hurled rocks at a bus passing by a school in the Arab village of Luban Ash-Sharqiya near the Jewish community of Maale Levona in the Shomron.

B’chasdei shamayim, no injuries were reported, though the bus window was shattered.

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