Failed Pipe Spews 4.5M Gallons of Sewage Into New York Lake


Officials in central New York say an aging sewer pipe that’s slated to be replaced has failed yet again, causing 4.5 million gallons of raw sewage to flow into a lake.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports Onondaga County officials say the pipe that runs along freight train tracks over a creek inlet into Onondaga Lake broke Monday morning after more than three inches of rain fell in two days.

County authorities said Tuesday afternoon that sewage spilled at a rate of 9,000 gallons per minute for more than eight hours.

The same pipe has failed several times over the past five years, including in October 2016, when heavy rains caused 13 million gallons of raw sewage to spill into the lake.

The county is looking at spending $18 million to replace the 50-year-old pipe and related infrastructure.