Palestinian Rock-Thrower Knocks Jewish Boy Unconscious in Chevron


A twelve-year-old Jewish boy was knocked unconscious when a Palestinian man hit him with a large rock in Chevron over Shabbos, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The boy was playing in a spring called Avraham’s Well. Following the attack, his friends pulled him out of the water and called for help. He was rushed to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Yerushalayim, where he received ten stitches in his scalp.

“Such violence is nothing less than terror,” commented an IDF spokesman, who said security forces were searching for the assailant.

Footage from an army security camera appears to show a man hurling a rock into the spring from above, and then fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, IDF soldiers arrested a suspect who was throwing stones at them and on investigation turned out to be carrying a knife, near the western Shomron Palestinian Authority town of Azzoun.

He was turned over to security agencies for further questioning.

Also on Sunday, police were reportedly investigating a graffiti painted on a door in the Muslim Quarter in Yerushalayim’s Old City.

The message, in Hebrew and Arabic, read “Death to Jews, stay away from al-Aksa” and “Hamas.” There was also a swastika.

Municipality workers were sent to remove the hate scrawl. Police are investigating.