Ex-Supervisor Admits Stealing $15,700 Cash From Post Office


A former postal service supervisor has admitted stealing more than $15,000 from post offices.

Amar Patel, 36, of Delran Township, N.J., pleaded guilty Tuesday to the theft. He faces a 10-year term when he’s sentenced Jan. 26.

The charges stem from an investigation that began in July 2016, when postal officials noticed shortages in cash deposits reported by the Riverside, Delanco and Delran post offices.

Officials say Patel was a supervisor at those offices and had access to deposit bags containing cash acquired during retail operations. Surveillance cameras installed inside the Riverside post office captured Patel tearing open a sealed deposit bag in January 2017, then removing cash deposits and putting them into his pocket.

Patel admitted stealing $15,700 overall in 12 separate thefts that occurred from February 2016 to January 2017.