Palestinian Caught Attempting to Smuggle Bomb Into Shomron Court


A Palestinian was caught attempting to smuggle a pipe bomb into a military court in the Shomron on Sunday, according to media reports.

Israel Border Policemen and Military Police stopped a 17-year-old Palestinian who had aroused their suspicion as he approached the entrance to the Shomron Military Court.

The suspect, a resident of Jenin, was subjected to a security search using metal detectors, which revealed that he had concealed a pipe bomb under his clothing.

He was put under arrest and soldiers cordoned off the entrance to the court while sappers neutralized the device with two controlled explosions. B’chasdei shamayim, no injuries were reported.

In another security incident on Sunday, a man was arrested after he injured himself while trying to throw a Molotov cocktail at security forces in the east Yerushalayim neighborhood of A-Tur. He burned his hand in the attempt, police said in a statement.

Officers administered medical treatment and then detained him for questioning.

There were no reports of injuries to security forces.