Yemeni Rebels Threaten Israeli Targets in Africa


A new threat against Israel emerged on Sunday as Yemeni rebels joined Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas in the lineup of its missile-wielding enemies, The Jerusalem Post reported.

A spokesperson for Yemeni rebels said that they would retaliate for alleged Israeli backing of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition against Yemen, noting that Israeli military bases in Africa are within range of Houthi missiles.

Colonel Aziz Rashid, military spokesman for the Houthis, was quoted by Al Masirah, a news outlet associated with the rebels, claiming that they would soon obtain missiles capable of reaching targets in Israel itself.

“In the event that the military situation develops, all possibilities will be considered,” he said.

The bases referred to were likely naval bases located in Eritrea’s Dahlk archipelago and Massawa, established in connection with Israeli support for Eritrea in its war for independence. Israel established diplomatic relations with Eritrea in early 1993. A 2012 report by intelligence group Stratfor claimed it had knowledge of the existence of such bases.

Iran has reportedly been investing hundreds of millions of dollar in arming the Houthis and dispatching Hezbollah operatives to train the rebels.

Houthi missile capacity has been demonstrated several times in recent months, including a launching into Saudi Arabia aimed at Riyadh a day before U.S. President Donald Trump arrived last May.