Palestinian Workers Still Barred From Har Adar Amid Rioting


Palestinian workers with permits to Har Adar were still barred from the town on Sunday following the deadly terrorist attack there, while police Palestinians and nearby villages rioted and police continued security checks, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal, 37, from Beit Surik, who killed while carrying out the attack that left two Israelis dead, had been a legal worker in Har Adar; and police are maintaining a closure to the about-200 Palestinians with work permits there until they are satisfied that it is reasonably safe to lift the restriction.

Since the incident five days ago, 15 Palestinians — including the father and two brothers of Jamal — were taken into police custody on suspicion of acting as accomplices, and checkpoints have been set up at the Arab villages of Biddu and Beit Surik, which have been the scene of nightly disturbances.

“Operations are continuing in Biddu and Beit Surik, where disturbances and rioting with rocks and petrol bombs have taken place each night since last week’s terror attack,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.