IDF Identifies Soldiers Killed in Training Accident

The scene of where a military vehicle turned over during an army exercise in the Golan Heights. (Basel Awidat/Flash90)

The IDF made public on Wednesday the identities of the two soldiers who were killed in a training accident in the Golan Heights early Wednesday morning:

Platoon Leader Avshalom Armoni, z”l, 22, from Beit Horon, and Sergeant Avinoam David Cohen, z”l, 22, from Yerushalayim, were killed in a mishap during a military exercise at night.

The levayah of Avinoam David Cohen took place on Wednesday at Mt. Hertzl military cemetery in Yerushalayim.

The levayah of Avshalom Armoni was delayed until Thursday afternoon to allow time for two of his brothers to arrive from abroad. It too was set for Mt. Hertzl.

Four other soldiers were injured in the incident, with two in serious condition and two lightly wounded.

It took the rescue team over an hour and a half to reach them, due to the difficult terrain. They were evacuated by helicopter for hospital treatment.

The tragedy occurred as the soldiers were conducting a maneuver in conjunction with other military vehicles. The driver of the self-propelled howitzer cannon said over his radio that he made a wrong turn, and was blinded by the lights of the other vehicles. He tried to turn in the other direction, but by doing so he drove the vehicle over a drop in the road, causing it to turn over.

The IDF has opened an investigation into the incident.

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