Doubt Cast on Iranian Missile Test, But New One in Pipeline


An Iranian ballistic-missile test reported over the weekend was probably a fake.

Although Israeli officials initially condemned it, the defense establishment was quoted by The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday as saying that Israeli intelligence had found no evidence of such a test.

U.S. officials also said that its arrays of radars and sensors did not pick up any indication of the supposed test of the Iranian Khorramshahr missile, which has a range of 1,500 miles and can deliver multiple warheads, according to CNN.

Fox News revealed that the video released by Tehran showing the missile in a parade that had taken place the day before the launch was actually over seven months old, from a failed launch in which the missile exploded in the seconds after liftoff.

Meanwhile, Israeli defense officials pointed on Wednesday to a real threat, the development of the high-accuracy Raed missile, according to media reports. The Raed is said to be capable of hitting targets with precision of a few yards from hundreds of miles away. Tehran intends to supply them to Hezbollah and other terror entities.

In addition, Channel 2 cited intelligence officials saying that Iran is shipping 10 planes every month to Hezbollah forces in Syria.