‘Iron Dome’ Against Terror Tunnels Under Construction


The Israeli Defense Ministry has just completed the first section of a barrier along the Gaza border which is designed to prevent terrorist infiltration into southern Israel, according to Channel 10 on Tuesday.

The barrier, which was dug deep underground as well as above ground, and will be equipped with sensors and other advanced technology, is the IDF’s answer to Hamas tunnels and any other attempt to penetrate the southern border.

Army officials say that the barrier will be of sufficient depth as to make it virtually impossible for Hamas to dig tunnels underneath it. In addition, sensors will alert the IDF to any nearby digging from the Gaza side.

Construction of the barrier itself will effectively destroy any tunnels already in its path.

To expedite the project, scheduled for completion within the next year and a half, over 1,000 workers and much heavy equipment are being sent to the border area.

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