Thousands of Children Gather in the Belzer Shul in Yerushalayim

The children at the Atzeres Tefillah. (A.M.S.)

Over 3,000 cheder children from Yerushalayim gathered in the large Belzer Shul for a special atzeres tefillah “Yachad Shivtei Yisroel”, during the days of selichos ahead of the Yamim Noraim and the new year.

Together, they recited Shir Hamaalos Mimaamakim passuk after passuk, and all fifteen ShirHamaalos, followed by Avinu Malkeinu. They concluded by crying out “Hashem Hu Ha’Elokim!”

They were led by the noted Mashpia Harav Yitzchok Moshe Erlanger, who swept up those present in hisorerus.

Following the conclusion of the tefillos, Harav Chaim Dovid Shovaks, a Belzer dayan, blew the shofar.

The children joined together in singing an emotional rendition of Machnisei Rachamim, as well as Pnei La’elbon, and Avinu Malkeinu Chaneinu Vaaneinu. Then they erupted in singing Tehei Hashaah Hazos and Psach Shaarei Shamayim.

Yehi ratzon that the tefillos should be accepted l’rachamim ul’ratzon and we should be blessed with a sweet new year.