Regional Briefs – September 12, 2017

New York’s Oldest Resident Passes Away

POUGHKEEPSIE – Rhinebeck resident Vera Van Wagner, believed to be the oldest New Yorker, died on Friday at the age of 113, the Albany Times-Union reported.

Law Giving Unlimited Sick Leave for 9/11 Workers

NEW YORK – First responders who took ill after working at Ground Zero will get unlimited sick leave under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, The Associated Press reported. They’ll get 100 percent of their salary dating back to their diagnosis.

Man With Cuffed Wrist Jokingly Said He Shot Trooper

CONSTANTIA, N.Y. – A handcuffed man who jokingly told a neighbor he had just shot a state trooper was arrested when the neighbor fell for the joke and called 911, The Associated Press reported. Leonard Graumenz, 59, faces charges of falsely reporting a crime.

NYC Begin Dig Under Hudson for Water Tunnel

MARLBORO, N.Y. – New York City on Friday started to dig a new water tunnel 600 feet under the Hudson River as it repairs its aging upstate supply system, The Associated Press reported. The project will fix leaks in the 85-mile-long Delaware Aqueduct, which helps deliver 500 million gallons of water a day from four reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains.