Hamas Offers Long-Term Ceasefire If Israel Will Lift Blockade


A senior Hamas official told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that the terrorist organization is ready to agree to a long-term cease-fire with Israel on condition that it lifts the blockade of Gaza.

Israel has resisted heavy pressure from Europe, Turkey and the Arab states to lift the blockade, which it maintains for security reasons, chiefly to prevent weapons and war materials from being brought into the Hamas-run enclave.

There has been no comment so far from Israel on this latest proposal.

“Hamas is prepared to make a long-term cease-fire with the Israeli occupation, in return for it allowing the residents of Gaza to live like all other people in the world with everything that they need,” said Hassan Yousef, a founder of Hamas.

Yousef, who resides in Beitunya, a suburb of Ramallah, was released from Israeli prison, a few days ago after 22 months of administrative detention.