Business Briefs – September 5, 2017

Boeing, Airbus Raise Alarms Over United Tech, Rockwell Deal

NEW YORK (AP) — Airplane makers Boeing and Airbus raised concerns Tuesday about the proposed tie-up of industrial company United Technologies and aerospace parts maker Rockwell Collins, saying that the deal could raise costs or slow the production of planes. Boeing and Airbus both buy equipment from United Tech and Rockwell Collins. The comments from the two companies came a day after United Tech announced plans to buy Rockwell Collins for about $22.75 billion. The deal would create an aerospace giant that makes plane seats, landing systems and flight control decks for commercial and military planes.

Immigrants Are Sought for Labor Shortage in Harvey Recovery

HOUSTON (AP) — With Harvey’s recovery underway, day laborers will be in high demand — many of them immigrants and many in the country illegally. Employers are generally small, unregulated contractors or individual homeowners, resulting in a lack of oversight that creates potential for workers to be unpaid or work in dangerous conditions. Houston’s day laborers are generally settling for $120 to $150 a day to clear homes of soggy carpeting, ruined sofas and mold-infested drywall.

Car Navigation Tech Brings New Twists and Turns to Driving

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Digital maps that dodge traffic jams are saving time for millions of motorists, but are also turning some neighborhood streets into headache-inducing escape routes from congested highways. The unsettling side effects of traffic-tackling technology are popping up more frequently as more drivers depend on smartphones equipped with navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. Cities being swamped with traffic are fighting back.


Big Sellers Like Toyota Camry, Ram Getting Updates in 2018

DETROIT (AP) — After seven straight years of growth, U.S. sales of new vehicles could be hitting their peak. That’s putting extra pressure on automakers to update their vehicles and hang on to their market share.

To Get Sales Kicking, L.L. Bean Renews Focus on the Outdoors

FREEPORT, Maine (AP) — The Maine-based retailer L.L. Bean is urging consumers to “Be an Outsider” in a campaign that’s launching this month that celebrates the outdoors as something to be enjoyed with friends and family. It comes as L.L. Bean has faced flat sales of about $1.6 billion for two consecutive years and as the company takes a hard look at its generous, return-anything-at-any-time policy.