August Was Average, But Hot July Made for Hot Summer


After one of the hottest months of July on record, August was relatively cool – for August. The temperatures during the month were average for Augusts, according to data released by the Meteorological Service.

August 2017 saw temperatures on average one degree higher than the overall average for the years 1995-2009, the Service said. The hottest days were August 6th through 9th, when a heat wave drove temperatures to their highest for the month, especially in the south, as well as between the 13th and 15th of the month. In the coastal areas, the temperature average was 32-33 degrees Centigrade (89.6-91.4 F.), and some nights saw temperatures dip into the mid-20s C. (7o’s F.). There were also several days when the temperature was less than average.

July, by contrast, was much hotter – hotter than the average August, and the second hottest July on record. According to officials of the Meteo-Tek weather forecasting organization, July 2017 was on average three degrees celsius warmer than in most years. Compared to recent years, the only months that were hotter than July 2017 were the months of August in 2010 and 2015. The only July hotter that has been recorded since Israel began keeping records was in 2000. The extreme heat of July drove the combined July-August average temperatures to among the highest over the last 15 years, the Meteorological Service said.

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