Government Promises Dramatic Improvement in Benefits for the Disabled

Disabled, handicapped and activists blocked the entrance to Caesarea at a protest calling for better health care, last week. (Flash90)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu informed ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday of a plan for upgraded financial support to disabled persons in Israel, who have been demonstrating in the streets for months demanding improved benefits.

Netanyahu said that working with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon they were able to formulate a program that will make possible “a dramatic improvement” in their lives.

The new program provides a budgetary increase of 4 billion shekels within 4 years, with severely disabled persons receiving no less than 4,000 a month.

In addition, in order to encourage their participation in the workforce, the pensions of disabled workers would not be reduced if they earn less than 4,200 a month. Above that amount, pensions would be reduced only gradually.

Netanyahu said that he and Kahlon would make a full presentation of the program after the chagim.