Theft Hits Another IDF Base


Over 15,000 rounds of ammunition for assault rifles have apparently been stolen from an IDF base in southern Israel, the third such incident this year, despite improved security, according to media reports on Thursday.

“During an ammunition count at a base in the south of the country, ammunition was discovered to be missing,” the army said, adding that military police have launched an investigation.

Walla News said thieves are believed to have broken into the armory on the base and loaded crates of ammunition into their vehicles, absconding with over 15,000 rounds for 5.56 mm assault rifles.

Authorities fear that the stolen weapons could find their way to criminal or terrorist groups in Yehudah and Shomron.

This would be the third time in the past year weapons and ammunition have been stolen from IDF bases in southern Israel.

In May, thieves broke into the Tzelim army base in southern Israel and stole 33 M16s. All the culprits were arrested and more than half of the rifles were recovered.

The IDF has invested $4.2 million in augmented security measures for on-base armories, including biometric scanners, additional closed-circuit cameras and improved locks.

The IDF stated that the “thorough renovation of emergency systems in the IDF created a situation in which many workers and contractors were not approved in an orderly fashion,” and due to that, the IDF has “changed our whole perception” on the subject.

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