12 Soldiers Injured in Gas Grenade Mishap

IDF soldiers during a training drill. (Miriam Alster/Flash90, File)

Twelve soldiers were receiving treatment Sunday morning after a tear-gas grenade accidentally exploded during a training session at an IDF base in southern Israel. The soldiers were treated on site and then taken to a hospital in Be’er Sheva for further treatment. The cause of the explosion was not clear, said the IDF spokesperson, adding that an investigation had been opened.

Friday evening, IDF soldiers arrested an Arab who was involved in the manufacture of bombs and weapons used against Israeli forces and civilians. He was also accused of participating in numerous attacks. The terrorist was caught as he was trying to pass through an IDF checkpoint; he was recognized as being wanted by the army for several months. He is being questioned by security officials.

Overnight Motzoei Shabbos, security officials said they arrested nine wanted security suspects in other areas in Yehudah and Shomron. The suspects were wanted for participating in rioting and throwing stones and firebombs that endangered Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. Several of the suspects were also charged with belonging to Hamas. All were being questioned on their activities by security forces.