Former Anti-Israel U.N. Official Linked to Anti-Semitic Group


Richard Falk, a former U.N. official with a notoriously anti-Israel record, was caught subscribing to an online anti-Semitic hate group.

His name was discovered on a list of 5,408 members of “Shoah,” the social media site of a British-based group pledged since 2011 to ending “Zio–Nazi oppression” and the “environmental destruction of Palestine,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

When questioned about the matter, Falk tried to sidestep: “Thank you [for] notifying me. I had never heard of this group before. I went to the link for the group, and found out that I had been added by someone named John Phoenix, whom I don’t know…” Phoenix was the member who added Falk to the list, naming him as a “friend.”

Falk told the Post that he had left the group.

“I did look at some of their postings, and although I didn’t run across any ‘comments, memes and images’ that were ‘blatantly anti-Semitic,’ I did find several postings that were offensive and in poor taste.”

However, sources were quoted as saying that Falk remained a member of a closed social media group that runs in parallel to the original group, another blatantly anti-Semitic site called “Shoah friends.”

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