Activists at Yerushalayim Central Bus Station Protest Magnetometers


Jewish activists protested the removal of metal detectors on Har HaBayis, saying the decision threatens the security of Jews all over Israel, Arutz Sheva reported on Tuesday.

Members of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) staged their protest at the entrance to the central bus station in Yerushalayim, where they handed out flyers calling on people to refuse to pass through the magnetometers at the station.

The fliers, printed in Hebrew and Arabic, read: “Don’t agree to humiliation! There are security checks? Stay out!”

Baruch Marzel, the group’s leader, said that “smuggling out of the magnetometers a week after they were placed just because of terrorist pressure and threats is a security danger to all Jews in Israel.”

“The state of Israel has announced: we are afraid, we can’t do what is accepted worldwide in airports, in Mecca, in Chevron and all over the world.”

“The Israeli government cannot stand behind its word for even a week. The Arabs understand this message and we are all in danger [because of the government’s decision],” Marzel asserted.

Meanwhile, a Channel 2 News poll found that 67 percent of Israelis believe Prime Minister Netanyahu mishandled the crisis at Har HaBayis.

Almost as many, 68 percent, said they were in favor of having metal detectors at the entrances to the holy site, and 77 percent said it was a mistake to remove them.

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