New Law Requires Care for Eiruvin in Construction Projects

A sign announcing the border of the eiruv, next to the town of Modi’in Illit. (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

The Knesset has passed on its first reading a law that will require contractors to ensure that they do not damage infrastructure for local eiruvin during the course of construction. The law requires contractors to repair damage to poles, wires or other elements of an eiruv that are damaged during construction, or pay for the local Religious Council to make the repairs.

In addition, contractors will not be able to receive a building permit unless they specifically mark the eiruv infrastructure relating to their project, if the buildings they are constructing are in proximity to eiruv infrastructure. The plans submitted by contractors for construction will have to take into account the location of the eiruv infrastructure, and must specify how construction will not harm the infrastructure.

MK Rabbi Michael Malkieli (Shas) said that the law was necessary because eiruv infrastructure was not necessarily included in the infrastructure data (such as the location of gas and water lines, electricity poles) that is submitted to contractors by local authorities. “As a result, the contractors often damage the infrastructure without paying attention, making life more difficult for shomrei Shabbos,” he added.

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