High Court to Rule Again on Opening Stores on Shabbos in Tel Aviv

Interior Minister Rabbi Aryeh Deri. (Miriam Alsterl/Flash90)

The Supreme Court ordered Wednesday an additional hearing on the ruling that permitted the opening of stores in Tel Aviv on Shabbos.

“Whatever the result, the [status of] Shabbos, whose importance in Judaism in irrefutable, deserves to be discussed and clarified, with all opinions presented to the court,” wrote Justice Elyakim Rubinstein in his decision.

The decision sought to resolve an ongoing battle over the local law, which was passed three years ago. Two governments and five different interior ministers were unable to bring the issue to a resolution.

Interior Minister Rabbi Aryeh Deri welcomed the decision of the High Court.

“I’m happy that the court accepted my request to discuss the issue again. As I claimed the whole time, a decision on such a fundamental matter from a Jewish and social perspective should be taken in a broader panel after hearing all possible claims. I hope to persuade the judges to leave the status quo as it is and not harm the sanctity of the Shabbos as well as the Work and Rest Hours Law.”

Rabbi Deri had demanded that the authorization to enforce the law against stores that are mechallel Shabbos be transferred to his ministry.