Bnei Brak to Get New Traffic-Relieving Entrance

A main intersection of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Akiva and Rashi streets. (Flash90)

Always a challenge to drive through, Bnei Brak in recent months has become even more of a challenge for drivers – and bus commuters, with vehicles stuck in what seem to be ever-worsening traffic jams.

That traffic is getting worse is not the imagination of drivers and commuters; the normally difficult commute has been exacerbated by construction of the underground train line that had begun in earnest. One of the lines runs right under Jabotinsky Street, a main thoroughfare that connects Bnei Brak with the rest of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

As a main entry point to the city, the partial closure of the street – usually three lanes, down to one in some places – has been choking traffic. After many complaints by residents, the city has decided to open a new entrance for cars seeking a way in or out of town, Channel Ten reported.

Speaking to Channel Ten, residents said that a normally difficult traffic situation has turned “chaotic,” with drivers forced to wait as long as 20 minutes to move from the Geha Junction to Rechov Hashomer – a mere 500 meters. The complaints, which Channel Ten has been airing on a regular basis, seem to be having an effect, the station reported; according to information it received, a new exit off Road 4 will be opened in the coming weeks, providing drivers with a “safety valve” that will allow them to get into the city without the long construction delays. Until that happens, however, “residents and visitors to Bnei Brak have no choice but to sit and wait in traffic,” Channel Ten said.


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