Soldiers’ Spouses Get an Extra Hour Off, New Law Says

IDF soldiers. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The Knesset has passed on its second and third reading a bill that will allow Israelis whose spouses are serving reserve duty permission to come to work an hour late, without penalty. Workers in that situation will be allowed to leave their jobs an hour earlier as well, without penalty. The bill is sponsored by MK Eitan Cabel, chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee.

The law was brought to a vote after Cabel reached an understanding with the Finance Ministry and the Manufacturer’s Association on the costs of the program, and the potential costs to businesses of masses of individuals coming to work late. The purpose of the law is to enable spouses to help out with household tasks, picking up children, etc.

According to Cabel, “the ones who are carrying the burden of reserve duty in the IDF are the many spouses who are taking care of housework, children etc. They are ‘serving’ no less than the soldiers in the field are, and they take on more and multiple responsibilities. I am happy that the Knesset has approved the law. This is the beginning of a new era, in which there will be more support for families. When a husband and father is called away to the army, the entire tenor and mood of a household changes. We must solve this.”

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