Report: Egypt to Supply Electricity to Gaza


Egypt will provide a solution to the potentially explosive power crisis in Gaza, The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday, quoting Palestinian sources.

Hundreds of tons of fuel oil for Gaza’s one power station, currently not functioning, is on the way, according to Safa news agency, which is connected to Hamas.

An unnamed official said that 500 tons of fuel a day will be trucked through the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, to bring the power station back to life. The supply line should have it running again by Wednesday.

It was not explained how the authorities in Gaza would pay for it, since they say they do not have the funds to pay for fuel from Israel, which reduced its supply on Monday.

Earlier this month, a Hamas delegation was in Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials. They reportedly offered Hamas a quid pro quo: a more open border and a supply of electricity in return for handing over 17 men wanted by Cairo on terrorism charges, cessation of weapons smuggling into Sinai, among other demands.

It was not clear, however, whether the new fuel arrangement was linked to the quid pro quo.