Poll Shows Big Bus Companies Customer-Service Challenged

An Egged bus. (RickP)

There are currently 16 bus companies operating in Israel, and in a report on customer satisfaction by the Transportation Ministry, two of the biggest and oldest – Egged and Dan Central Israel – scored poorly on customer satisfaction. The Ministry report reflected company performance in the second half of 2016. Egged scored eleventh for customer satisfaction, and Dan one place after that.

The customer service rating was part of a larger semi-annual report on the companies’ performance, evaluating them in light of the subsidies the companies get for operating specific routes. Part of that funding is based on customer satisfaction. The Ministry has signed an agreement with Dan for next year’s funding, and the company has committed to improving its customer performance rating. Negotiations are still ongoing with Egged.

The report was authored based on information and surveys by two independent companies, which examined issues such as schedules, convenience, on-time records, whether they stopped at the correct bus stops – and for a sufficient amount of time – and how many complaints customers had. Bus driver attitude and behavior was also examined, as was cleanliness and road worthiness of the buses.

Topping the list for customer service were two small bus companies operating in the Nazareth area. The best performing large company, in third place, was the Haifa-based Dan North bus company (a subsidiary of Dan Central). Worst performing was MetroDan, a new company that began operating in Be’er Sheva last year.

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