Police Pick Up Nine ‘Price Tag’ Suspects

A municipal employee cleans “Price Tag” graffiti in Yerushalayim in 2014. (Police Spokesman, File)

Police on Monday arrested nine minors who were living in an apartment in Yerushalayim, after they were banned from entering Yehudah and Shomron for periods of between several months and almost a year. The so-called “hilltop youths” were pulled out of bed early Monday, and according to their attorney, rightwing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, no explanation was given, but he said that police apparently believe they were involved in “price tag” attacks.

In recent days there have been reports of “price tag” activities in Jerusalem, with the tires of several cars in Arab neighborhoods slashed, and anti-Arab graffiti scrawled on walls. Ben-Gvir said that if police had evidence that his clients were involved, they should present it – otherwise they needed to stop “persecuting these youths just because of where they live. If this persecution leads to ‘price tag’ acts, police have only themselves to blame. When you persecute young people and push them up against a wall, it’s no wonder that some will respond, unable to restrain themselves.”

The latest price tag incident in Yerushalayim occurred late Thursday in the Beit Safafa neighborhood. Tires on about a dozen cars were slashed, and graffiti proclaiming “Price Tag” and “Kahane was right” was scrawled on several walls, referring to the late outspoken activist and former MK, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Hy”d.

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