Four-Day Earthquake Drill Reaches Peak

Four-Day, Earthquake Drill, Reaches Peak
The Magen Dovid Adom helicopter set to take part in the simulated earthquake rescue operation at the Knesset. (Magen Dovid Adom)

Israel’s four-day earthquake drill, dubbed Yarden 7.1, was set to reach its peak on Tuesday as for the first time. A Magen David Adom helicopter will rescue injured people from the Knesset in a simulated disaster scenario.

The nationwide drill includes 164 participating municipalities, schools, senior citizens residences and various other public places.

At the Knesset, emergency responders from MDA, police and fire units will take part in a complete rescue operation that will include evacuation of public officials and visitors, extracting victims trapped in rubble and providing first aid on the scene. Specially designed “smart” dummies will be used in the rescue operation for the most realistic simulation of injured people in an actual disaster.

According to a scenario presented in the Knesset, a powerful earthquake in Israel could cause some 7,000 casualties and 9,500 people trapped. In addition, as many as 17,000 families might be made homeless chas v’shalom.

As part of the preparations in recent years, a seismic fence along the Syro-African Depression and rift lines between Beit She’an and Yigur has been constructed at fixed distances of 7 miles apart. Equipped with hundreds of sensors, the system is designed to provide a warning of tens of critical seconds before an earthquake hits.

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