Elbit Unveils SkEye Surveillance

Elbit, Unveils, SkEye Surveillance
Elbit’s airborne video surveillance system that allows users to collect high-resolution intelligence over very broad areas in real time. (Elbit Systems)

Elbit Systems previewed in Rehovot on Monday an array of cutting edge surveillance technology that will make its international debut at the Paris Air Show next week.

SkEye is an airborne video surveillance system that allows users to collect high-resolution intelligence from up to 10 specific points of interest over exceedingly broad areas in real time, or what Elbit executives call “back-in-time” modes.

The eye-in-the-sky system covers some 50 square miles at a time, enabling users to zoom in and out over multiple points of interest while going “back in time” to analyze events from ongoing or previously recorded missions.

“For the first time, there’s a capability to go back in time. And it’s not the playback option that you’ve come to know,” Yair Ganor, senior director for business development and marketing for the firm’s Wide Area Persistent Surveillance line, told reporters.

“Today, we’re completely changing the paradigm of aerial surveillance; we’re no longer in the world of viewing regions of interest through video soda straws,” Ganor said. “We’ve added a unique layer of intelligence collection on top of existing electro-optical systems to record and analyze events over very wide areas.”

He explained that in recent terror events in Paris and London, authorities flew several different surveillance craft and had to try to coordinate among them, an unwieldy approach.

“Here, they can do it simply with a single system. Within the 10 windows, we can zoom in and out. And from the moment of the blast, some can continue forward while others can go back in time to connect people and places,” Ganor said.

SkEye has already been installed on the firm’s Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 UAVs as well as the DHC-6 Twin Otter and Cessna 208B platforms.

The demonstrations in Paris will be on the Hermes 900.

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