Elad to Get Its Own Cemetery

View of the central Israeli city of Elad. (Flash90)

Religious Affairs Minister Rabbi David Azoulay (Shas), on a tour of Elad, announced that the largely chareidi town would get is own cemetery. Minister Azoulay toured the city and the area to be set aside for the cemetery with Elad Mayor Rabbi Yisrael Porush. The cemetery, Elad’s first, will be inside the city’s municipal boundaries.

Although it’s relatively new as cities go, Elad is closing in on its 25th anniversary. Until now, levayos for city residents have been largely held at cemeteries in Modi’in and Petach Tikvah, at the regional Yarkon cemetery. By law, any Israeli citizen who is niftar is entitled to a free burial plot, preferably close to their home, so family members can visit at the appropriate times. The opening of a cemetery in Elad will give residents that option, said the minister.

“I am very impressed at the unity of the various groups and factions consisting of people from all backgrounds,” said the minister. “I congratulate Mayor Porush for his work, as well as the other community representatives and public officials who are working day and night for the benefit of residents.”

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