5 Arrested for Plotting Attack at Har Habayis


Five members of a Hamas-linked terror group alleged to have plotted an attack at Har Habayis against Israeli security forces and visitors were arrested over the past few months, and charges have been filed against them for a range of terrorist activities. The Shin Bet released the information for publication on Sunday.

Mahmoud Abed al-Wahhab Said Abed al-Latif, 25, a resident of eastern Yerushalayim, was named as the central figure in the plot, the recruiter and mastermind. All five were members of Al-Shabab Al-Aqsa, which was classified as a terror group in 2011 and is affiliated with Hamas.

The Shin Bet said that besides fomenting violence on Har Habayis, the members of the cell were also responsible for a number of deadly terror attacks, including an October 2016 shooting in which two Israelis were killed at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop in Yerushalayim and during a subsequent shootout with police.

Yosef Karmia Hy”d and former Knesset employee Levana Malihi Hy”d were killed in the October incident.