Business Briefs – May 24, 2017

United CEO Assures Shareholders At Meeting; Workers Protest

CHICAGO (AP) – The CEO of United Airlines assured shareholders Wednesday that the company is doing all it can to be more customer-friendly since video surfaced of a passenger being violently ejected from a plane last month.

At the company’s annual meeting, Oscar Munoz mentioned the April 9 incident at least a half-dozen times. He vowed to “redouble our efforts to be more customer-focused in everything we do.”

On the streets outside, food handlers, baggage workers, cabin cleaners and other employees of United contractors demanded higher pay. About 30 were taken into custody and cited after blocking traffic and refusing police orders to move.

At the meeting, shareholders approved all 13 directors nominated by the board plus two labor representatives, and an advisory measure on executive compensation, according to the company.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars Cost More, but Come With Perks

DETROIT (AP) – A certified pre-owned vehicle costs more than a regular used car, but it can give buyers some peace of mind in the often murky used car market. Certified pre-owned vehicles are used cars that are backed by an automaker’s guarantee. They’re usually newer cars, coming off two- or three-year leases.