Business Briefs – May 23, 2017

CEO Pay Climbed Faster Last Year, Up 8.5 Percent

NEW YORK (AP) – The typical CEO at the biggest U.S. companies got an 8.5 percent raise last year and made $11.5 million in salary, stock and other compensation, according to a study by executive data firm Equilar for The Associated Press. It’s their biggest raise in three years, but pay notably lagged for CEOs at companies where shareholders’ protests about executive compensation have been loudest.

Fox News Finds Itself in an Unaccustomed Spot — Out of First

NEW YORK (AP) – Fox News Channel isn’t used to losing to its cable news rivals, but was beaten last week by MSNBC. In a more youthful demographic prized by advertisers, Fox finished third to MSNBC and CNN for the first time in 17 years.

Google Helps Advertisers Track Spending in Physical Stores

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google says its new tool will track how much money people spend in merchants’ brick-and-mortar stores after clicking on their digital ads. The analysis will be done by matching the combined ad clicks of people who are logged into Google services with their collective purchases on credit and debit cards. Google says it won’t be able to examine the specific items purchased or how much a specific individual spent. Still, privacy advocates are worried.

Computer Beats Chinese Champion In Ancient Board Game of Go

WUZHEN, China (AP) – A computer has defeated China’s top player of the ancient board game Go, earning praise that it might have finally surpassed human abilities in one of the last games machines have yet to dominate. Google’s AlphaGo is due to play Ke Jie two more times this week as well as other top-ranked Chinese players.