Lebanon Claims It Arrested Israeli Spy

South Lebanon. (Reuters/Karamallah Daher)

Lebanese sources said over the weekend that an Israeli spy had been arrested. The sources, quoted by the Al-Miadin media outlet, said that the alleged spy had been arrested by Hezbollah, and was involved in various operations, including informing Israel about Lebanese military and defense matters, and arranging for the murder of Hezbollah terrorists. He is also accused of gathering data about the Iraqi government from his brother, also an Israeli spy, and transmitting it to Israel. The Israeli government had no comment on the story.

Security forces on Shabbos arrested a 14-year-old Arab who was found to be carrying a knife as she attempted to pass through the Kalandiya crossing north of Yerushalayim. Security officers ordered her to halt, and she was arrested after she refused to do so. There were no injuries in the incident.

Police over the weekend arrested a Ramle resident on suspicion that he built bombs in his home for the use of criminal and terror purposes. Police raided the man’s home and found large amounts of material used for bomb-making hidden throughout his home. A Rishon LeTzion court extended his remand for five days.