Submarine Fleet in Surprise 6-Day Drill


The Israeli submarine fleet was put to the test in a surprise, six-day drill this week, that began on Motzoei Shabbos and ended on Thursday, to hone one of the country’s most vital defense assets.

The drill, which simulated real battle conditions, included the Navy’s submarine flotilla, as well as the elite Shayetet 13 unit — Israeli counterparts of the U.S. Navy SEALs — the IDF’s gunship flotilla, a squadron of patrol boats and Israeli Air Force aircraft, the army said.

The military saluted the operations, calling it the “pinnacle in the process of developing” the submarine flleet into a more potent fighting force “in the navy and in the IDF, in general.”

“During the exercise an emphasis was put on the central aspects of the [submarine] flotillas in an emergency, including collecting intelligence, working together with other units in the navy and air force, as well as anti-submarine warfare,” the IDF said in a statement.